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JACK® Intelligent Agents

Please check the JACK® FAQ before reporting a problem!

To learn about changes in this release of JACK®, please read the release notes in README.TXT*.
For installation instructions and general trouble-shooting, please see the INSTALL.TXT* file.
JACK® code developed prior to version 3.5 may require some conversion. See the file CONVERT.TXT* for details.

* These links will not work if JACK® has not yet been installed.

Much care has been taken to ensure that this release is stable and backwards compatible with previous versions wherever possible. However, it is advisable that you back up any current work before using this release. Old JACK® class files might not be compatible and should be removed.

Please report any problems to: jack-support@aosgrp.com

NOTE: The links below will not work unless the separate JACK® documentation package has been installed
but you can always use the on-line documentation if you wish.

Document Title PDF Version
HTML Version
JACK® Intelligent Agents User Guide doc/Agent_Manual.pdf doc/Agent_Manual_WEB/index.html
JACK® API Specification   doc/api/user/index.html
JACK® Teams API Specification   doc/api/teams/index.html
JACK® Development Environment (JDE) Manual
doc/JDE_Manual.pdf doc/JDE_Manual_WEB/index.html
JDE Design Tool Manual doc/DesignTool_Manual.pdf doc/DesignTool_Manual_WEB/index.html
JDE Graphical Plan Editor User Guide doc/Plan_Editor_Guide.pdf doc/Plan_Editor_Guide_WEB/index.html
JACK® Tracing & Logging Manual
JACK® Intelligent Agents Practicals
(JACK®/JDE Learning Exercises)
doc/practicals/jack_jde/practicals.pdf practicals/jack_jde/html/index.html
JACK® Teams Manual doc/JACK_Teams_Manual.pdf doc/JACK_Teams_Manual_WEB/index.html
JACK® Teams Practicals
(Teams Learning Exercises)
doc/practicals/teams/practicals.pdf practicals/teams/html/index.html
JACK® Simulation Manual doc/JACK_Sim_Manual.pdf doc/JACK_Sim_Manual_WEB/index.html
JACK® WebBot Manual doc/WebBot_Manual.pdf doc/WebBot_Manual_WEB/index.html
JACOB User Manual doc/JACOB_Manual.pdf doc/JACOB_Manual_WEB/index.html
JACOB API Specification

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