Australian Bushfires

AOS has made a donation to WIRES, the wildlife rescue fund, to help support those rescuing and caring for the animals.

AOS Participates in the Australian Army’s Human Machine Team Development Workshops, 1st and 2nd July

These HUM-T workshops are run by the Army’s Soldier Combat System Program, and bring together Army, CASG, industry and universities to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented when introducing autonomous and robotic systems to the Army.

Kelpie autonomous testing to commence

AOS’s Kelpie autonomous ground vehicle is about to achieve an exciting milestone. This will focus on testing the vehicle’s ability to detect and manoeuvre around obstacles that would typically be encountered “airside” on an airbase.

Ahead of AIR 6500 AFHQ identifies AI as a key developing technology to enhance air, missile defence

AOS recently completed the development of a proof-of-concept for AI-based decision aid, the Intelligent Battlespace Advisor (IBA), to support ASOPs. This is another step towards the practical application of AI Software Agents in Air and Missile Defence. Defence Connect has more details.

Seminar on Testing and Certification of Automated Driving Systems

AOS, as one of the very early partners in the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative or ADVI, attended this on Thursday 30th May at ARRB’s new headquarters in Fishermens Bend.

AOS developing next-gen Intelligent Software Agent technology

AOS will be developing next generation of Intelligent Software Agent technology with Australian Defence Department funding.

Kelpie leaves Avalon!

The Kelpie vehicle departs Avalon on Sunday. AOS is now preparing Kelpie for the next round of obstacle avoidance testing, jointly with the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

Come and see the Kelpie™ at Avalon!

AOS is demonstrating the capabilities of the laser and cameras on its Kelpie™ AGV.

AOS supports Plan Jericho STEM initiative at Avalon!

"Australian Aviation" has more details.

Importance of AIR 6500 program and AI

Defence Connect has more details.