Kelpie leaves Avalon!
The Kelpie vehicle departs Avalon on Sunday. AOS is now preparing Kelpie for the next round of obstacle avoidance testing, jointly with the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.
Come and see the Kelpie™ at Avalon!
AOS is demonstrating the capabilities of the laser and cameras on its Kelpie™ AGV.
AOS supports Plan Jericho STEM initiative at Avalon!
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Importance of AIR 6500 program and AI
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AOS develops Kelpie™, a rapidly deployable AGV through Plan Jericho
"Defence Connect" has more details.
AOS's Kelpie™ arrives at the Avalon Airshow!
The revolutionary new multi-purpose autonomous vehicle supports the Air Force in more ways than one.
Artificial Intelligence Software Agents in Air and Missile Defence
The AOS demonstrator for the RAAF shows a revolutionary utilisation of the technology.
iWatchdog™ at Autonomous Warrior 2018
AOS deployed the intelligent Watchdog (iWatchdog™) at Jervis Bay, tasking two vehicles, an autonomous Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat, or RHIB, and an autonomous, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).