Dr Andrew Lucas


Dr Lucas is the founder of AOS. A BE Mechanical from the University of Melbourne, he holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from Cambridge University, UK. He has extensive experience in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, aviation and robotics, and has been involved in developing various systems for the defence forces in Australia and the UK in related fields.

Matteo Pedrotti

Senior Software Engineer

Matteo specialises in Artificial Intelligence and multi-agents, and has been working on several different solutions using JACK® and CoJack®, developing behaviours for synthetic environments as well as controlling actual devices. With a hands-on attitude, Matteo loves the challenges of new technologies and keep developing his skills using new frameworks and continuous learning.

Nathan Hamilton

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan is a Principal Robotics Engineer at AOS with a focus on autonomous vehicles. He has past experience in machine tools, factory automation, robotics and haptics. Nathan loves to develop smart software that further brings together the virtual and the real world.

James Cooper

Senior Software Engineer

James is a Senior Software Engineer at AOS, where he works on the design and implementation of the core Belief, Desire and Intention (C-BDI) framework. He has an extensive background in Research, Game AI and Real-time computer graphics. James gets inspired by elegant solutions to hard problems and he wishes to contribute to the era of true Artificial General Intelligence.

Chung Sing Leung

Senior Robotics Engineer

Having a background in unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft engines, Chung’s role in AOS is to develop and test robotic hardware systems. One of his ambitions is to develop an autonomous aircraft which can circle the world without refuelling.